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The Green Web Awards 2009The best green websites, social media and digital campaigns of 2009; nominated and voted for by you and by leading eco-bloggers and digital junkies.


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   Green Travel / Eco Tourism Sites        Green Living Advice Sites   
   Kids & Young People    Social Media Hero
   Food & the Planet    Green Fashion
   Eco-Blogs & News    Climate Change
   Online Campaigns    Wooden Spoon: Worst Greenwash
   Greenest Companies   Judges Award: Best of the Best

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Winners of the 2009 Green Web Awards

Green Travel / Eco Tourism Sites

We asked you to vote on your favorite sites to do with environmentally friendly travel.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  • 1st - Liftshare 

    Social enterprise Liftshare is a great resource for anyone looking to share a car journey – saving money, cutting your carbon footprint and having fun! Plus it’s free to use.

  •  2nd - The Man in Seat Sixty-One

    The Man in Seat 61 will tell you how to travel overland comfortably and affordably by train, where you might think that flying was the only option.

  •  3rd - City Car Club

    City Car Club – Pay as you go motoring, that’s an alternative to owning your own car. Run by people who are passionate about the environment – a successful car sharing scheme can reduce car commuter traffic by nearly a quarter.


Kids & Young People

The leaders in getting children and young people to learn and explore environmental issues.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - The Mountain Village Photo Project

    Children in a remote Berber Community in Morocco were so fascinated by Gail Ward’s photographs of them that she set up The Mountain Village Photo Project to teach them photography, and give them a different perspective of their home environment.

  •  2nd - Nature Detectives

    Nature Detectives
     is run by the Woodland Trust. It combines a website, printable materials and children’s club that have been used by over 2 million people so far, and aims to inform, protect, and inspire people about woods and trees.

  •  3rd - Little Animation For Kids

    The Little Earth Charter is a fun animated site that makes the UNESCO Earth Charter – a set of principles that seek to define a just, sustainable and peaceful society – accessible for children aged 4 to 8.


Food & the Planet

Our judges’ favourite planet-friendly food and farming companies.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - Landshare

    Championed by Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall and Channel 4, Landshare connects growers with landowners. If you have some land to share, or no land but want to grow-your-own, this is the place to look.

  •  2nd - The Soil Association

    The Soil Association is the UK’s leading organic organisation. A leader in promoting planet-friendly food and farming through standards, education and campaigns.

  •  3rd - Love Food Hate Waste

    Run by savvy Scots, Love Food Hate Waste is for food lovers who hate waste. Find out how you can save money and help the environment with their hints, tips and recipe ideas.


Eco-Blogs & News

Which blogs or news sites are the best sources of information and discussion on Green issues?
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - Self Sufficientish

    Self Sufficientish is a site packed with information for anyone wanting to be a little more self-sufficient …ish, from home-brewing and sheep rearing to wild food and natural remedies.

  •  2nd - The Guardian's Environment

    The Guardian’s Environment website is filled with news, blogs and multimedia content about the state of the planet and what you can do to help save it.

  •  3rd - Eco Chick

    Eco Chick was set up because “women who cared about the planet needed a place of their own on the web”. Amongst other things, it covers green health and beauty issues from a woman’s perspective. 


Online Campaigns

The campaign that has done the best job in raising awareness and promoting action on Green issues.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - Freegle

    Don’t throw it away, give it away. Freegle is the ultimate way to give and receive unwanted items in your immediate community, saving tons of perfectly good stuff ending up in a landfill.

  •  2nd - Buy Nothing Day

    Everything we buy has an impact on the environment. For one day a year, Buy Nothing Day challenges us to switch off from shopping, and reminds us of the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism.

  •  3rd - We Are What We Do

    Want to change the world but don’t know where to start? We Are What We Do is a global movement of individuals doing small simple actions, who might just change the world.


Greenest Companies

The corporations or companies you think have got it right when it comes to their approach to environmentally sustainable business.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - Adnams

    Famous for their beer and ales, brewers Adnams are committed to making great beer, sustainably, and without costing the earth.

  •  2nd - Ecotricity

    Ecotricity is one the leading green energy providers, they also invest in the building of renewable energy sources such as wind turbines.

  •  3rd - Cafe Direct

    Cafe Direct is an award winning supplier of Fairtrade coffee, tea and drinking chocolate, including organic coffees and teas.


Green Living Advice Sites

Your favourite sources of tips and advice on eco-living.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - YouGen

    YouGen is a social enterprise full of advice and tips, designed to make it easy for anyone to get the information they need to invest in renewable energy (or decide it is not right for their home).

  •  2nd - My Zero Waste

    Set up by a passionately green family of four in Gloucestershire, My Zero Waste is packed full of information, advice and ideas gathered in their quest to live a waste-free life.

  •  3rd - The Guardian

    The Guardian‘s ethical and green living site tackles your ethical dilemmas and has lots of useful information, from energy to food, waste and transport.


Social Media Hero

Your favourite Tweeter, Facebook page, or online community that is the best source of news, chat and debate on eco and environmental issues.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - Carbon Outreach

    Carbon Outreach. A thoughtful and informative site by sustainability blogger and social media expert Erica Grigg.

  •  2nd - EcoTube

    Upload a video to website Ecotube and join a growing community of users and their videos about issues facing the world today from an ecological perspective.

  •  3rd - The Rubbish Diet

    The Rubbish Diet. Take on the challenge set by one mother in Bury St Edmunds to reduce your household waste in just 8 weeks. You’ll be amazed at how easy it really is.


Green Fashion

Your favourite, shops, brands & labels for eco-friendly fashion online?
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - PeopleTree

    Winners for the 2nd year in a row, PeopleTree is a fair trade, eco-friendly fashion pioneer. They’re dedicated to improving the livelihood of their producer partners and use natural resources sustainably to protect the environment.

  •  2nd - Howies

    Howies are famed for their organic cotton T-shirts, environmentally conscious casual clothing and sportswear designed for bikers, skateboarders and snowboarders.

  •  3rd - Hi On Life

    Hi On Life is bright, fun site, from a crew of funky souls creating fashion using organic and environmentally friendly materials.


Climate Change

Climate Change is such a big issue we thought we felt it needed its own category; you voted on the people who deal with it best online.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - Act On CO2

    Act on CO2 helps you find out what your carbon footprint is and how you can make some simple changes to help tackle climate change.

  • 2nd - Guardian Environment

    More from the Guardian – the latest news, views and up to date information from leading thinkers and writers. A great resource.

  •  3rd - Zero Carbonista

    Zero Carbonista. Thoughts on the burning eco questions, from the founder of Ecotricity and guru of wind power, Dale Vince.


Wooden Spoon: Worst Greenwash

The company you think has been guilty of the most cynical PR ‘Greenwash’.
And the winners, as voted for by you, are…

  •  1st - ExxonMobil

    Oh the hypocrisy of ExxonMobil, one of the top deniers of climate change, and creators of one of the dirtiest products on earth. They continue to run ad campaigns aiming to show they’re a green company. Well, you’ve seen through it.

  •  2nd - Monsanto

    Arguably one of the most hated companies in the world, GM giant, Monsanto, has been trying to portray a green image, but, says The Guardian, has been so overusing the water in its own backyard that local farmers are have resorted to legal action to get their water back.

  •  3rd - Proctor & Gamble

    Procter & Gamble is the world’s biggest consumer products company. However their Future Friendly logo is not independent and should be viewed with scepticism say Ethical Consumer. Ariel, Flash and Fairy each score just 0.5 out of a possible 20 in Ethical Consumer’s rating system.


You’ve seen what our judges think are the Best Green Websites of 2009 – now it’s your turn. You can tell us what sites you think should have won,
leave a comment or join the discussion over at Nigel’s Eco Blog.

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