How one woman saved £40 a year on her heating bills with a simple £7.99 draught excluder (and you can too!)

Kayla Ente, 53, lives in Brighton. She is a renewable energy project developer, and founder of BHESCO, the Brighton-based energy savings co-operative, so is used to assessing the value of energy saving products. She lives alone in a ground floor flat in a converted house.

Kayla installed a door draught excluder one winter when she couldn’t stand the cold draughts coming through her front door.

Kayla with door draught excluder fitted

Q. What was the problem?
A. The front door of my flat is opposite the front door to the whole building, and cold draughts were coming through from that door and under my door, making my flat really cold and expensive to keep warm.

Q. How easy was it to fit?
A. I put door draught excluder on the door to my flat… it was so easy to fit. I had to cut it to size, but the cutting was very easy. I just used regular scissors. The covering is a leather-like material that’s quite robust, the inner bit is foam, it all cut really easily… installing it was simple, you just slide it under the door.

Q. Did it make a big difference?
A. Yes! It’s the best product… It made an enormous difference, just from the feeling in the flat, it was a lot warmer. Remarkably warmer. Now I don’t feel that draught, that cold air.
It stopped the draughts completely. And because it slides with the door, I’ve kept it on the door, even in the summer – there’s no need to take it off.

Q. Have you saved any money?
A. My heating bill has gone right down. Last winter I saved about £40 to £50. I have electric storage heaters, and they’re very expensive. I’m really happy with this product.

The ‘remarkable’ door draught excluder is available to buy from us here.