Eco Venture Investor and Global Green Guru invest in Nigel’s Eco Store

Nigel’s Eco Store is pleased to announce it has received investment from fromer hedge fund manager turned eco investor, Mishko Hansen, and global green guru, Paul Dickinson.

Paul Dickinson, Executive Chairman of CDP, said: “I am familiar with the environmental performance of 4,000 businesses, but I have invested in Nigel’s Eco Store because it represents a vital new step in consumer democracy. When we shop, we vote, for the kind of society twenty-first century capitalism will deliver to us. Nigel pioneered ecologically minded lifestyles in the UK for over 20 years with successful magazines. Nigel’s Eco Store is perfectly positioned to grow as an online brand you can really believe in.”

Mishko Hansen, of Cambridge University, former Associate Director for CDIB Investments, said: “More and more people despair of buying online without ethics. Nigel has created one of the most influential personal brands in the UK. For a growing range of people, businesses, councils and other organisations, Nigel’s Eco Store allows us to put our money into a retailer we can trust.”

“We are pleased to welcome Paul and Mishko as strategic investors,” said Nigel Berman, director of Nigel’s Eco Store.

Nigel’s Eco Store was founded in mid-2005. Nigel’s Eco Store has won a Yahoo Shopping Site of the year. The company is based in Brighton.

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