How to get much more Free solar electricity

Solar Pv

If you have Solar PV panels installed in your home, then you know about generating free electricity. Some times you’re generating more electricity than you’re using, and at other times, you’re using more than you generate.

To get the best out of your Solar PV system, the trick is to run appliances and electricals like washing machines and tumble dryers, electric hot water, or charging gadgets when you have excess electricity, so that you get the maximum amount of free electricity.

Monitors like Wattson Solar Plus are great at showing you the times when you’ve got some spare, but until now, you had to be there to see that and act accordingly.

Enter Optiplug. Optiplug is an intelligent socket that pairs with a Wattson Solar Plus and which switches on your appliances automatically when you have spare electricity.

Optiplug learns and understands how much electricity is used by the appliances that are plugged into it, and then only switches on when enough electricity is available for those appliances, switching off when electricity is no longer free.

This smart activity optimises the use of your own excess generated electricity.

Multiple Optiplugs can be installed in each home; higher power appliances will turn on with priority over lower power appliances.

Meaning more savings for you! (If you have Solar installed of course).