How to get the best out of a Rok Espresso Maker

Rok Espresso coffee maker

Espresso has been around for nearly a century and requires two very important things to extract a great drink: pressure, and water that is around 90 degrees centigrade.

If the water is boiling then the coffee will taste bitter.

The Rok Espresso Maker is different to conventional espresso makers, in that it only uses as much energy as it takes to boil a cup of water in the kettle. Other espresso machines can be left on for long periods, or consume energy even when off.

The Rok Espresso Coffee Maker comes with everything you need to make a great cup of coffee and as it’s made from polished aluminium it can be recycled at the end of its life.

As you have to force the water through the beans by hand, the Rok brings back a bit of ritual to coffee making. With a Rok you really get involved, like playing a musical instrument.

To get the best out of your Rok espresso maker, here are some tips for making great coffee:

  • Select the right coffee. It’s all in the grind – it should be fine but not too fine otherwise it will create

    too much back force. If it is coarse it will not create enough back force and the water will pass through too easily.

  • Tamp down in layers – using the supplied spoon / tamp fill the portafilter in small layers – one at a time and tamp each layer down firmly.
  • Let the water settle into the portafilter – once the water is in the chamber, lift the arms and wait a few seconds.
  • Then press the arms down firmly and slowly.
  • Hold the arms down until every drop of coffee is released.
  • Repeat the last two steps as needed.

Other things that help are:

  • Warming the water chamber and portafilter with surplus water from the kettle.
  • Over-filling the water chamber, which creates more pressure.