How will our children cope with climate change?

Newsman, colourful tie-wearer and all round good egg Jon Snow has narrated a thought provoking animation by UNICEF and Do The Green Thing, Climate Kid.

Climate Kid shows how our bodies would have to evolve to cope with climate change, as flooding, cyclones, drought and food shortages become more frequent.

The message is simple, it takes millions of years for a species to evolve to adapt to a changing environment, whereas climate change is happening now.

We’re big fans of Jon Snow here at Nigel’s Eco Store, a regular cycle commuter, nature lover and patron of Trees for Cities, so it’s great to see him lend his distinguished tone to this quirky, yet hard hitting animation.

Find out more about UNICEF’s Climate Positive Initiative, and sign up to Do The Green Thing – finding lots of different creative ways to tackle climate change.

One thought on “How will our children cope with climate change?

  1. I watched the animation and its really alarming. I signed up on do the green thing site to know more about living green. I am worried for the future of my children. I am thinking what would the earth look like 100 years from now. Climate change is happening now and will continue as long as we don’t do anything to help our environment.

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