Five minutes with… Richard of Rustic Mushrooms

I caught up with Richard Mansfield-Clark, founder of the Rustic Mushroom Company, for a chat about the grow-your-own revolution, tasty ways to cook exotic mushrooms, and he gave me some useful advice about foraging for wild mushrooms.

Nigel: In almost a decade’s worth of growing you must have eaten your fair share of mushrooms. What’s your favourite variety and what’s the best dish you’ve cooked with them?

Richard: Having eaten so many varieties, that’s a hard choice to make. I am going to say Shitake or Winter mushrooms. Naturally grown mushrooms have far more flavour compared to the supermarket examples, so they are best used in simple recipes. I like Shitake sauteed in butter, finished in red wine and added to pasta with cheese sauce and crispy bacon. The Winter mushroom, sauteed with butter and garlic, served on seasoned scrambled eggs with hot crusty bread.

Read the rest of the interview on our website – The People Behind our Eco Products: Richard Mansfield-Clark of the Rustic Mushrooom Company

Richard in action at the Bentley Woodfair

Richard in action at the Bentley Wood Fair