Winners of the Green Web Awards

Green Web Awards 2009

At the end of last year, we asked you the public both to nominate and to vote on which on-line retailers, advocators, organisations, charities and social media really were committed to supporting the environment and which were just greenwashing… in the Green Web Awards, run in partnership by us and leading digital agency Worth. The results are out, at last.

And there were a few surprises in store… as well as the government’s ACT ON CO2 online campaign winning the best online campaign, brewers Adnams won the award for best Green company, proving that beer drinkers care about the planet as well as what they drink. Eco fashion got a massive thumbs up with People Tree winning the best green fashion website and the best eco blog.

Exxon Mobil however were probably not so pleased to be included in the winners as they came up top of the list of the Wooden Spoon Award for Greenwashing the Nation proving that you can’t hoodwink the public with flash advertising campaigns.

All the companies initially nominated by the public were shortlisted from a panel of green experts which included Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party (can’t get much green than that) and Ed Gillespie, one of the founders of Futerra. The general public were then asked to vote for the winners in each category.

I was delighted to see non-commercial websites such as Landshare, Liftshare and Freegle up there with the winners this year as they really prove that people power is working and that the nation is committed to changing things for the better.

Mark Ralphs, a director of Worth, said “It is interesting that many of the votes are for independent companies whose green credentials are embedded in their company ethos rather than those trying to bolt-on a green message. Companies need to get their messaging and environmental strategy right, and ensure that they honestly reflection of their commercial practices. Otherwise accusations of greenwashing will fly and they will lose customers and market share.”

See the Winners of Green Web Awards 2009 here, and let us know what you think below!

The future’s cardboard? New office desk sets sustainable design standard

Paperweight desk

Last week designers Rod and Mary from Cardboard Future came by the office to show us their new Paperweight cardboard desk.

The desk looks like expensive design furniture, is 100% recyclable, and has a water resistant gloss varnish top. It’s very light, simple to put together and surprisingly strong and comfortable. It’d be great for setting up a sustainable home office, or for a cheap-yet-design-led way to fit out an eco office.

According to Elle Decoration, “It’s hard to believe, we know, that this elegant white desk is actually made from corrugated cardboard.”

Available now, from us here.