To carbon offset, or not?

Christmas is fast approaching and I am looking back at 2009, at whether I can be more planet friendly, reduce my carbon footprint and be more sustainable in my living. This year I’ve been pretty good: shopping locally, cutting back on things like meat, walking more, and switching off as much as possible at home and at work.

The odd holiday splurge is the one thing that leaves a nasty blot on my carbon copy book and I’ve been wondering what to do about that. Bar cycling around the UK or to Europe, which I’m not really game for, and taking an eco holiday of course, I’ve thought about offsetting all my travel emissions. However I’ve been a bit sceptical generally about Carbon Trading and Offsetting and whether it makes a real difference.

A friend recommended The Koru Foundation. They work with communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific to improve quality of life by installing renewable energy systems for homes and local services. Micro renewables means people can cook food, pump clean water, power homes, schools and health centres and run small businesses in a sustainable way. Not only this but the installations provide power for basic facilities that they would not otherwise have.

For anyone looking to Carbon Offset, apply for their Carbon Compensation Scheme – once you’ve worked out how much carbon you want to compensate for, you invest in poverty reduction projects in countries vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The charge per tonne is based on a carbon shadow price and 100% of the money goes directly to the projects, things like a micro hydro power station in Northern Peru and wind and solar systems in Nicaragua.

I’m definitely going to give it a closer look. See the Koru Foundation to Carbon Compensate website for more information on carbon compensation as part of an emissions reduction plan.

One thought on “To carbon offset, or not?

  1. Nice post : )

    I’ve read about carbon offsetting before and wondered if it was actualy helpful, or just a way of alliviating the gilt of flight?
    However it does seem like a good scheme – maybe I should give it the benifit of the doubt!


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