Climate Change and the Food we eat

For the past few months I’ve been thinking about coming out more strongly on climate change. Some of my colleagues say don’t. That it will scare people off. But I’m starting to feel that I can’t keep my mouth shut whilst the threat of global warming and climate change escalates. Earlier this month an ice bridge in Antartica linking a shelf of ice the size of Jamaica snapped, a pretty significant indicator of things to come. Meanwhile the media and the government put out mixed messages – in one statement climate change is the greatest challenge we face, in another it’s business as usual…

There are tons of positive moves being made that could transform the planet’s prospects (many of which we never hear about), but if it’s going to work we all have to do our bit too, starting now.

You could start in the garden (or window sill, or shared land) and grow some of your own food. You could make a herb or veg garden so you don’t have to buy supermarket food flown from abroad, or plant flowers to encourage bees.

Growing your own will save you money, and energy too – about a third of our carbon footprints comes from producing and transporting the food we eat. To help, we have a growing range of eco products for the garden.

5 thoughts on “Climate Change and the Food we eat

  1. Hola! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  2. The main problem we have with climate change and global warming is to learn to be less energy hungry. Whilst we thought our fossil fuel resources were indefinite we now know that they are finite and will run out.

    Less is more is my message to those who would like to make a change.

    My website is full of useful information on all things renewable. Please take a look around if you have time

    Andy Mahoney
    HomeBrewPower – Renewable energy help, tips & projects~

  3. Hello just wanted you to check out my short video regarding Climate Change. I did it for Oxfam’s Climate Change campagin. Hope you find it fun and relavant!

    The upcoming UN Copenhagen Summit is the best and most important chance to save the world from climate change. Oxfam is trying to get people to sign the petition for UN to recognize and act on preventing further climate change. Thanks.

  4. We’re very concerned such that we gave up driving almost 20 years ago. You haven’t suggested to people to join local box schemes or if they are employers not to make it a requirement to have �own transport�.

    What about promoting integrated transport i.e. trains and bicycles. Especially useful is the Brompton folding bicycle as you can take it on planes, boats, taxis, into restaurants, hotels as well.

    Have you read A to B magazine? Have you been in touch with the Electric Boat Association who promote solar boating?

    Will you have a stand at the May Day Summits organised by Prince Charles?

    What about the Environmental Law Foundation? A lot can be achieved by lobbying to change laws.

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