Merry Christmas and a Happy Eco New Year

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It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. It’s all Christmas trees and turkeys outside and before we know it, we’ll be chiming in the new year. 2008 has been an exciting, fascinating whirlwind of a year, with the Climate Change Bill becoming the Climate Change Act, making it legal and binding, committing the UK government to reducing the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050, and in the US, president-elect Barack Obama raising hopes of reversing some of the environmentally destructive policies of the old administration.

If any of us are honest, when we get time to reflect the whole situation can seem daunting and scary. But right now, writing this and looking back on the year, I feel so positive, almost elated at how far we’ve all come. I think this new year, before I rush in to making all the usual rounds of resolutions, I’m going to take a moment to say well done to all the people I know who work hard to make a difference to the world. We know now that even little things can add up and that with enough time, energy and pressure in the right places, we really can make a massive difference. So three cheers to us. We are all brilliant.

It just remains for me to say: Thank you for shopping at Nigel’s Eco Store, and have a brilliant Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year… as a final thank you, for as long as stocks last, spend £25 with us and you’ll get a free eco gift!

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

Grass Growing Xmas Tree

With just over a week to go, I’m finally starting to get in the festive mood. I’m a bit like a child when it comes to Christmas – I love all the lights (solar powered of course), trees, log fires, decorations, and being cosy indoors with the family playing games, arguing, eating too much food and watching too much TV.

Like a lot of people, I’ve left buying most of my gifts to the last minute (thankfully there’s still time – see the gift section of the store). I say this every year, but next year I really will try to get ahead, and especially to get an eco Xmas tree growing in advance.

According to a survey by the Energy Saving Trust, eighteen per cent of people would be happy to ditch the Christmas lights on the outside of their home in a bid to save energy, while 90 per cent say they will still consider buying green electrical products this yule despite the credit crunch. The results show that the UK public will go to great lengths to be more green over Christmas.

If you’re planning an eco friendly green Xmas this year, there are plenty of ideas and tips in my Green Christmas article.

What are you getting up to in your household? Your green and festive tips welcome – share them here.

Online dating and the rise of eco-sexuals

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It’s funny how only a few years ago online dating was considered a bit of a taboo. Now it seems everyone is at it. A friend of a friend recently found true love on one well known dating site, and the brother of the same friend is currently searching the ones and noughts of the internet looking for a real life lady. I suppose it makes sense: we are all so busy these days it seems a miracle anyone has any time for relationships, but most of us are hooked up to our computers all day.

The interesting thing is, a quick search on that well known search engine shows that environmentalists are getting in on the act as well. Eco-sexuals, or people who will only date others with a similarly green predisposition, are a growing breed. To start with there is, a “meeting place for people who want to make a better world”, a rather endearing site in which the terribly enthusiastic members are all pacifists!, eco-warriors! and vegan vixens!

There is also, who are very heavy on the animal rights side of things,, and, to name a few.

I will admit some are a little scary looking but when it comes to dating, like really does attract like. There is plenty of research to show that, more often than not, couples share religious and political beliefs and are of a similar age. So looking for an eco lover seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

It’s actually quite comforting to know there are other eco obsessives out there who would swoon at the chat up line: “Did you know there have been some interesting advances in solar cell technology recently?”

Pic: Owais Khan