If you were Prime Minister for a day…

Gordon Brown

Someone just asked me, “If you were Prime Minister for one day, what would you do?”
It made me think. This is what I came up with: Getting solar panels onto the roof of every home and community building so that we can all generate our own electricity and not rely totally on (centrally generated) power from fossil fuels or nuclear.

Here’s what some of my friends said:
Laurence: “I’d make tackling world poverty #1 priority.”
Paul: “pump all CO2 from power stations underground…”
Nic: “I’d pass a law forbidding anything to be built or manufactured that didn’t pass a strict environmental and social audit. And to those who say it will cripple business, I’d say: think of the opportunities! Oh yes, and all imports would have to pass the same criteria…”
Emily: “4 day weeks / 3 day weekends.”

Now it’s your turn. What would you do?
(You can write your answer in the comment box below.)

31 thoughts on “If you were Prime Minister for a day…

  1. Go on business trips. Business trip expenses can be deducted from your taxes. Look for a conference or seminar in your field that is in a location you want to visit. Be sure to actually attend the event. By incorporating business into your vacation, you make the trip tax deductible.

  2. Freedom. Faith. Family. Food comes with a free society. What ever your beliefs, have faith that we are on this planet for a reason. Family is the only way humans survive. O

  3. Britain’s only problem are the people in it.

    Most are politically naive sheep.

    Pensioners tend to vote the way their parants did without having any knowledge of political agenda’s.

    The middle classes are probably mostly former working class Labour voters who ditched Labour for Thatcher in the 80’s and are now feeling awfully let down.

    The young are caught in the middle, and havent got a clue who to vote for because all parties are now the same because New Labour adfopted Thatchertism in 1997 just to grab the selfish middle classe vote.

  4. I would like to increase our arms and ammuniton power . I would also like to increase soldier’s income and will provide them the best facilities that I can. I love INDIA ARMY . I would like to join army and serve nation rather than all thses corrupted politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. From the UK

    – Increase the Bank Levy from 0.04% to 0.15%
    – Implement a Robin Hood Tax on all Bank Transactions – 0.05%

    – Implement a Graduate Tax to pay for HE, removing Student Fees

  6. I chose this question for a survey I am doing for a math assignment. I am in grade 9 and we are doing a unit in data analysis. Was just looking over all the comments and thought that people looked at a very global perspective. Any thoughts that could immediately effect Canada? Maybe a recall on the HST tax in B.C???

  7. If I were Prime Minister for the dsy ide make sure the State pension for all British pensioners was increased to Â?250 a week, and that means testing and council tax were abolished for pensioners.

    Because this generation have already spent their working lives paying tax and NI Insurance.

    They should all now be able to live a life free of worry about finances.

    I would pay for the increase in the State pension by doubling, even trebling our Gross National Product toward State pensions.

    For almosty 30 years the amount of GNP used to fund State pensions in Britain has been just 5 per cent, this needs to increase forthwith.

    And no, im not a pensioner.

  8. You’d have to make it based on yearly wage, not hourly wage.

    Lots of people earn 10 times the average hourly wage and then sit around for ages enjoying a life of leisure.

    If they earn 10 times more than the average wage they are taxed at a higher rate – their penalty for earning more.

  9. I’ve thought of something else: introduce a maximum wage, that’s 10 times the average wage. That way, if you want to earn more than the max, you have to help the people at the bottom.
    (actually I first heard this at a Mark Thomas gig)

  10. Dan said:

    “I’d initiate legislation to give corporation tax reductions and income tax reductions as incentives to get all office workers (who can) work from home for two days a week so that we can cut CO2 emissions by up to 20%.”

    I’m not sure that would do much.
    If you work at home, you have to heat it etc.
    The only thing it would cut out is the journey, plus a company can probably heat a building more efficiently for a large number of people than lots of individuals could at home. Plus the work place would still need to be heated for those that went to the ‘office’.

    A better option is for the workplace to be close to home.

  11. If I was Prime Minister, upon assuming the position I will summon Cabinet for a briefing session. If not satisfied with the report by my Ministers, upon consultaton with my Attorney General I will issue directives for each to follow so as to have the good functioning of the government. One must remember that the PM is the Head of Government and should be a leader with exceptional qualities and fit to lead. Able to control the government and the Cabinet and issue directives so as to have ministers function in a way consistent to the constitution and in the best interest of the people and the nation on a whole

  12. Hello i am jeremy and im 11 years old but yes if someone asked me what would i do i i was Pm for the day it would be to:

    1: get proper train stations so none gets killed anymore.
    2: blow up every car and get eletric cars.
    3: everyone is to have a happy life

  13. We,All citizens of India have to Assume that we all Individuals are Prime Minister.In order to take care of public property,In other words our property.Mainly Elect a right person to control the Nation.

  14. I’d initiate legislation to give corporation tax reductions and income tax reductions as incentives to get all office workers (who can) work from home for two days a week so that we can cut CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

    It would increase productivity for many as they’d be able to get on with their jobs. If they didn’t get the work done, their bosses could asses the impact. There’s no longer much of an excuse not to work from home – or not have to commute such stupid distances by car – with so much technology allowing us to have online chats, etc.

  15. That stopped me in my tracks.

    I think I’d get on the phone for 24 hours and call every world leader I know
    and ask them to do much more about poverty.

    I nearly put climate change but if I could only talk about one thing I’d do
    something about poverty and then more people would be able to work on
    climate change and other world problems. Poverty keeps people trapped and
    unable to do other stuff.

    Very logical.

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