Biofuels make cereal cost more

The fundamental problem with biofuels is already making an impact.

The Soil Association issued their annual report at the weekend during their Organic Food Festival in Bristol. Their director of food and farming Helen Browning noted an increasing shortage of organic cereals. She blames it on rising prices for soya, maize and grain created by America’s new hunger for biofuels.

The knock-on is already with us. The high prices paid for fuel crops is obliterating the organic sector. She has a real concern that organic meat suppliers are simply not going to be able to afford to feed their livestock in the coming months. The price of organic meat is going to have to rise.

In the meantime, this week is the first half of Organic Food Fortnight in the UK… the good news is that the market for organic food boxes has grown by 53%.

The photogenic organic bullocks on a farm in East Anglia were photographed by Lenny Montana.