How to steal a bike…

Brighton Bicycle Ballet

Having had my own bike nicked earlier this year, I probably didn’t find this film about how nobody stops a bike thief – even when he’s sawing away at a chain right in front of you – as funny as thegreenguy did:

It’s by the Neistat Brothers, the video guerilla artists who embarrassed the hell out of Apple a while ago with iPod’s Dirty Secret, about the shockingly short life of iPod batteries.

This time around however, they’ve effectively given us an object lesson in how to nick bikes. I’m not sure that’s what they intended, but it’s easy. No one will stop you.


Maybe the way to get around this is to do what Paris is planning; flood the city with free communal bikes that you can check out with your credit card. Sounds great. Wish Brighton would do it….

If you do live in Brighton, take a look at Bricycles – Brighton’s s local cycling advocacy site.

Photo of Brighton Bicycle Ballet by Jim Callender.