Ten Top Energy Saving Tips


Ten top energy saving tips from the book from the book Energy: Use Less – Save More: 100 Energy saving-tips for the home by Jon Clift & Amanda Cuthbert (only GBP 4.95 from my store by the way.)

  • Take control of your heating. Consider turning down the thermostat controlling the temperature of your room or house by 10C. You will have either a single control at a central position such as in the hall, or thermostats attached to the individual heaters or radiators.
  • Fitted carpets with underlay will give you much more insulation than bare boards, and will stop draughts.
  • You can use less energy by taking a quick shower rather than a bath. If you use a power shower, remember that in five minutes it can use as much energy as a bath.
  • Beware of ‘uplighters': many consume a lot of electricity, using high-wattage bulbs of 300w or greater – that’s the equivalent of over 30 low-energy light bulbs! Use energy-efficient spotlights instead.
  • Don’t over-fill an electric kettle: just put in the amount of water you want, but make sure you cover the element. You’ll use less energy, it will cost less, and will come to the boil more quickly.
  • If your freezer isn’t full, fill empty spaces with scrunched-up paper or bubble wrap to stop warm air circulating when it is opened.
  • Use a lower temperature wash for clothes which aren’t very dirty: for most washes, 40C is just as good as 60C.
  • Air-dry your clothes on clothes racks or lines if possible – tumble dryers are very energy-hungry appliances.
  • Switch your dishwasher off completely when it has finished; it is still consuming electricity on stand-by.
  • If you are replacing your computer, consider a laptop – they are more energy efficient.
  • for more energy saving tips, get the book!