How to win eco arguments

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Local global warming

Actually, I hate arguments. However, if, like me, you’re totally dumbfounded when you meet someone who flatly denies that global warming is a problem, and regards it all as a giant conspiracy, Grist have a handy catechism of scientific information on the subject: every possible argument you will ever need to defeat a global warming denier. It’s here.

A word of warning about the Grist feature. It is long. There are not many jokes.

To be honest, some things are just as effectively communicated in a less verbal manner.

Like this – (click on the Blue Man):

Blue Man Group

Photo of factories in Helsinki courtesy of sirlleszek.

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2 thoughts on “How to win eco arguments

  1. I admire Farage’s cogarue and straight-talk. The Eurozone was doomed to fail because of the disparity of financial stability of its member states. Without the shell game Goldman Sachs created for Greece, Greece would not have qualified for Eurozone membership. Every member state is looking out for its own best interests, although I wonder what Germany and France thought they could gain from sustaining the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain). Doing away with tariffs is one thing, but propping up poor nations is another. The PIIGS would be better off devaluating their own currencies (if they still had them), but they can’t because bankers would be hammered and would bring the rest of us down with them.Farege is making a mistake by equating Merkel’s Germany with Hitler’s Germany. World War II was not fought to prevent Germany’s economic dominance but to prevent Hitler from slaughtering non-German Europeans. Merkel is a practical advocate of democracy and capitalism. Any equation of her with Hitler is ridiculous.Reply

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