Sagacity in the eco friendly sandwich bar


Yesterday, I dropped by my local sandwich shop. I said to the owner, “I see you’ve gone all eco friendly.”

I was looking at his cardboard sandwich packaging. There was a sticker on it saying the pack is fully compostable and biodegradable.

“Yes,” he said proudly. “Even the cellophane window is.”

He took my money and said, “It’s crazy. The Chinese have taxed the export of cardboard, ’cause they’re trying to manage their forests. But not the export of plastic. They want us to buy plastic.”

I nodded. He held up a paper bag. “If this bag came from Sweden they would get around it by simply planting another tree.”

Having found a willing audience, he started to mull out loud on the whole illogicality of it all. “The government announced they’re going to tax flights to reduce emissions – then, in Europe, they announce deregulation of transport, which will massively increase emissions.” They just don’t get it. He sighed. “It’s all gone crazy.”

And the sandwich was as delicious as the conversation.

Photo by roboppy

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