The year of the Eco Challenge…

To think. Once people used to be content with a simple entry in the Guinness Book of Records. There’s a positive stampede of good people who are trying to make a point by setting themselves unlikely attention-grabbing challenges. In recent weeks we’ve celebrated the following heroes of the modern age: Fairtrade Man who lived for a week on only Fairtrade goods, Carless In LA, the woman who vowed to go carless in Los Angeles, (and make a movie out of it), and No Impact Man , the New Yorker who’s trying to reduce his carbon footprint to zero (and make a movie out of it).

Now I give you Stephen Gale, who along witih 40 people aged between 70 and eight months are planning to ride from Melbourne to Sydney later this month on electric bikes to promote them as a sustainable means of transport (and make a movie out of it).

We want to show that electric bicycles might be the way to bring these great benefits to the rest of us – the non athletes, people who get hangovers, and people that just want to get to work.

Former Mazda MX-5 driver Stephen, inspired by watching Al Gore on the telly one night, decided his car-based lifestyle no longer made sense and switched his commute to an electric bike. To demonstrate the practicality of power-assisted biking, he’s making the entire journey dressed in a suit. Among those accompanying him are Phil Ceberano – musican brother of the more famous Kate – who is going to do the ride in complete rock god costume.