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Grandpa's FireFork

Grandpa's FireFork

unique camping fire-fork and fire-poker in one 3.95

Cardboard Rocket Play House

Cardboard Rocket Play House

stimulates young imaginations, folds away when done! 29.99



buy a share in a beehive, it's a way to support bees and earn some honey 29.99

Port Window Solar Charger

Port Window Solar Charger

a great travel charger, it sticks to the window 49.99

EndoTherm Central Heating Additive

EndoTherm Central Heating Additive

easy-to-use liquid, saves 15% on your heating bills 37.99

Nigel's Eco Store in the Press

What the press have been saying about us:

"...that little shop of wonders, Nigels Eco Store"
The Guardian
"Nigel's Eco Store, a friendly sounding outfit if ever there was one... It is one of the most innovative of the eco-friendly websites; I absolutely loved Nigel's Rock n Roll shelves..."
The Independent

"find sustainable cardboard shelving that looks more urban loft than Friends of the Earth, recycled designer lamp shades and stunning seating made from coppiced hazel."
Sunday Times

"Full of greener, cleaner and desirable products. 5 stars"
Sustained Magazine

"this computer set is one of the gems from Nigel's Eco Store, a website filled with environmentally friendly kit."
Daily Telegraph Magazine

"Large collection of eco-friendly stuff for use in both home and garden"
Junior: Guide to Green Living

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01273 358510

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