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Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

turns any bottle into a lamp 9.95

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

classic tailored shorts with adjustable waist 14.95



buy a share in a beehive, it's a way to support bees and earn some honey 29.99

Pollinator Beebom

Pollinator Beebom

help bring back endangered wildflowers 2.99

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

easy to grow, delicious to eat 14.99

Sites That We Like!

There are a huge amount of businesses and organisations out there working for a better future.

The sites below share similar values to us, or are where you can find inspiration, information, and relevant products and services. It's not an exhaustive list!:

Friends of the Earth
One of the leading international environmental organizations that promotes solutions to environmental issues.

A Lot of Organics
A search engine that will find you organic food, vegetarian, vegan, special diets, ethical, eco-friendly and other organic products.

Big Picture TV
An online media channel that streams free video clips of leading thinkers and activists in sustainability.

The Carbon Neutral Company
At this site you can calculate your CO2 emissions, learn how to reduce them and 'neutralise' the contribution you or your business makes to global warming by putting money into projects, or by buying green gifts, that compensate for your emissions.

Helping to raise funds and awareness for smaller charities through the recycling of printer cartridges.

A site for drivers and passengers looking to share their car journeys. Passengers pay their driver up to 10p per mile to contribute to fuel costs. It is free to register as a driver or passenger.

City Car Club
CityCarClub is the UK's largest car club. Cars cost from 2.80 per hour. Why own a car when it's parked 23hrs a day?

Fox and Fire
The best flint and steel fire making kits we've come across. For nature connected adventurers and anyone interested in the outdoors, survival, the wild and bushcraft.

100% organic cotton clothes for babies - tailored specifically for cloth nappy bottoms.

Find eco-friendly accommodation around the world, from budget-hostels to luxury tented-camps and eco-lodges to boutique hotels. Make your reservation online with no booking fee.

Natural Baby Products from Ecobaby
A great shopping site that provides caring parents with a wide choice of natural pregnancy, baby and child toiletries.

Eco Bouquet
Eco Bouquet is the U.K.'s premier online florist connecting the environmentally aware consumer to responsible growers. A great way to say "I love you and the Earth too!"

Eco Carpet Care
Get your carpets, upholstery, and mattresses cleaned professionally and in an eco-friendly way from a network of responsible carpet cleaners. They also offer anti-allergy treatments and stain protection.

Ecological hosting
A friendly, ethical, reliable and responsible internet hosting company, with solar powered servers. Prices start from 20 per annum.

Eco Street
A new top notch web directory for eco-friendly and sustainable living.

The Environmental Media Association
EMA mobilizes the entertainment industry in a global effort to educate people about environmental issues and inspire them into action.

Ethical Downloads
Download cheap music at this site, which also donates a hefty 25% of all proceeds to charity, you can decide which charity will benefit by voting in the poll on the homepage.

Gordon Clarke Architects
Gordon Clarke Architects combine building methods which care for our planet and our future, with the highest quality design and a full professional service.

GoinGreen sell the G-Wiz - the world's best selling electric car. The G-Wiz is the greenest and cheapest car in the UK. It is emission free, carbon neutral, exempt from road tax, and offers the highest mileage (up to 600 mpg equivalent) .

...for all things clean, green and ethical.

Greenworks - solar heating panels
Greenworks supply and install eco friendly solutions from ground source heat pumps, solar heating panels and domestic wind turbines and other energy efficient solutions to construct an eco friendly home and to ensure that energy, heat and water use in the home is as efficient as possible. Greenworks also provide training for plumbers and builders in the installation of green solutions from solar heating panels to water conserving bathrooms.

A website aimed at involving, encouraging and supporting households to think and act more sustainably in a lively, interactive and interesting way. Issues covered include renewable energy, managing the household waste, purchasing of consumer goods and much more.

In Balance magazine
A magazine created for those interested in a balanced perspective on health and lifestyle. The magazine has been described as quirky in a feminine way - an image they strive hard to maintain!

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
A website dedicated to helping people protect the environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Low Carbon Communities Network
The Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN) links organisations and communities across the UK. Any group that shares our aims is welcome to join us and use and help shape our network.

Low Carbon Trust
Low Carbon Trust set up, manage and promote environmental projects. Their main objective is tackling climate change through highlighting the connection between buildings and the carbon emissions. They run innovative low-carbon construction projects (such as the award-winning Earthship Brighton community centre), and education experiences - such as Eco Open Houses, sustainable construction training courses and Eco Education Days for local schools.

Luxurious organic cotton bedding, blankets and towels together with hand-crafted accessories from pure natural yarns. All made in fair trade conditions with kindness to planet and people.

A mail order company selling eco-friendly disposable nappies and other mother & baby products.

A site for anyone looking for info about how to unplug, relax, live off-grid and still feel at home anywhere on the planet.

The UK Organic Living Directory
Full of information on organic food, wine, clothes and other products.
Online women's magazine providing regular articles on a wide range of subjects including Organic Lifestyle, Health, Fashion, Parenting and General Lifestyle Issues. Membership is free.

Planet Ark
World environment news and campaigns promoted by Pierce Brosnan, Pat Cash and Dannii Minogue - including an anti junk mail campaign in the UK.

Richard Ashworth Imperial Feng Shui
Richard Ashworth is a Classical Chinese feng shui man. You may have seen him on tv's Housebusters, This Morning, the Guardian, or The Sunday Times, unblocking stuckness, attracting relationships, health, happiness and abundance. Richard Ashworth is amazing. We've had him feng shui Nigel's Eco Store offices and his insight, attention to detail and advice has made a real difference. Inspirational and very much recommended!

Road to Better Health
Website of Nicola Berman, Registered Homeopath. Offering natural, homeopathic treatment for people of all ages - babies, children and adults, including pregnant women.

The Green Providers Directory
Links to hundreds of environmentally friendly goods and services, most of which are not available in the shops. They also provide news, updates and blogs on the environment and related topics.

Triodos Bank
An ethical bank that supports positive projects.

Veggie Romance
A dating site for vegans & vegetarians, with 1000s of profiles, a lively forum, blogs and more.

Waste Aware Scotland
Waste Aware Scotland is a national campaign that aims to change public attitudes and behaviour towards waste. Local campaigns are being run across Scotland to increase waste awareness and encourage people to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Yoga Travel
An unforgettable yoga holiday: yoga by the Egyptian Pyramids, in the majestic landscapes of the Sinai desert and next to the fabulous Red Sea.

Environmental Global Search Engine and Directory
A global search engine for environmental products and services

A site selling EMF meters and Electrosmg meters

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