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Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

turns any bottle into a lamp 9.95

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

classic tailored shorts with adjustable waist 14.95



buy a share in a beehive, it's a way to support bees and earn some honey 29.99

Pollinator Beebom

Pollinator Beebom

help bring back endangered wildflowers 2.99

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

easy to grow, delicious to eat 14.99

About Nigel's Eco Store

Nigel's Eco Store was founded by Nigel in 2005.

We started very small, but thanks to you our customers, we've become the largest independent online eco retailer in the UK.

Nigel explains what we're all about...

"I set up Nigel's Eco Store, because I wanted to do something positive, and make a difference.

"When I started I used to pack the orders on my kitchen table and take them on the bus to the post office every day!

"We've grown a bit since those early days, but the main thing is that we all continue to be inspired by clever eco products and innovative ideas that solve environmental and energy saving challenges, and that are fun, functional and desirable.

"If you want to make a difference to your home and in your life, and would like to support local and small scale independent business, we hope that you'll buy from us.

This is what Nigel's Eco Store does:

  • We offer practical, functional and beautiful eco friendly, natural and organic products that you can buy right now, at reasonable prices
  • We make it easier for you to make eco choices
  • We carefully select the products we offer from the best of what's available
  • We give you ideas, information and inspiration to be more resourceful
  • We help you make good buying decisions
  • We make it easy to shop and buy environmentally friendly products

An Award Winning
Eco Store

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