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The Wonderbag
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The Wonderbag

the power-free slow cooker, buy one and help a poor family in Africa

64.99 inc. VAT

Wonderbag is an extremely well-insulated cooking bag that keeps anything - from meaty stews and vegetable curries to simple rice and soups - cooking for hours without using any power, saving time, money and reducing energy use.

Wonderbag's clever insulating properties allow food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking without extra heat.

This greatly reduces the use of additional energy, and means you can cook appetising, hot meals while saving time, energy and money.

Wonderbags were originally created for poor families in Africa, to cut down the amount of costly firewood they need for cooking.

Ideal for home cooked hot dinners, camping, outdoor festivals and picnics, as it keeps food warm for up to 12 hours.

The price includes FREE UK Delivery and a free one given to a poor family in a developing country. More information below.

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Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 25cm

Wonderbag will take pots 2 to 12 litre in size.

Weight: 2kg

NB As the Wonderbag retains temperature, irrespective of whether hot or cold, you can also use it to keep food cold. For example ice cubes will still be ice cubes approximately 12 hours later - obviously dependent on ambient temperature outside, whether the bag is closed securely etc.

Comes with full instructions and recipes.

Whats it made of?
The bag itself is made from strong cotton like denim which isn’t damaged by heat, it's filled with recycled foam chips - a really efficient temperature insulator. It also keeps ice cold for 12 hours as cubes.

How does it work?
Wonderbag works on temperature retention. Kick-start the cooking process on the hob, heat food & pot, move hot pot into the Wonderbag and seal the heat in.

If you have boiled, bought down to simmer for average 20 mins per recipe the Wonderbag will keep food above 85 degrees for 4 hours. Above 65 degrees for 6 or 7 hours. Then it keeps food warm for a further 5 hours.

What does it cost?
Used twice per week you could recoup the purchase cost in electricity in 1 year.

Where is it made?
Wonderbag is made in South Africa as part of job creation and poverty alleviation programmes, and for each one bought another is given free to a family who cannot afford to pay for one.

So far Wonderbag has created 2,000 jobs, and 600,000 Wonderbags are in homes being used.

Instead of travelling miles to find firewood, then standing for an hour over a fire to cook a meal, families can use less wood by cooking for 10 minutes then leaving Wonderbag to do the rest.

Please see the attached brochure for more information on how Wonderbag helps families in developing worlds.

NB Beware of cheaper versions of the Wonderbag, as they're not as good:
Cheaper versions are made of nylon so can scorch - ours are denim so they don’t scorch
Cheaper version's filling is poly beads which melt together when heated and have to be manually broken down after each use. Ours uses recycled foam pieces which maintain their integrity.
Cheaper version is not reversible.
Cheaper version is not machine washable.
Cheaper version is smaller.

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  BRILLIANT INVENTION  Works a treat- brilliant when your husband wants to be later than you in the eating stakes!    MB - Bedfordshire

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