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The Ecoflap
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The Ecoflap

saves energy by stopping letterbox draughts

24.95 inc. VAT

The Ecoflap fits onto the inside of your front door, and is designed to exclude draughts and bad weather from your letterbox. It's quick and easy to install, and it'll start saving you energy straight away.

Ecoflap replaces the brush, seal and outward opening gravity flaps, often put on the inside of the letter box to try to keep draughts out.

The difference is that an Ecoflap uses the wind to blow it shut! It is totally draught proof, and adjusts automatically to any size of delivery - up to A4 and including thickish newspapers and magazines

Keep the existing letterbox exterior (or change if you like) to retain the aesthetics of your front door.

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Dimensions: 330 x 117.5 x 35mm (13" x 4.63" x 1.37")

Totally draught-proof, and adjusts automatically to any size of delivery.

  • Draught proof
  • Available colours: white, brown
  • Rubberised flap, so is quieter
  • No springs, brushes, or seals are necessary
  • No components to break. So if your outside letter plate/ flap becomes faulty, the Ecoflap will still protect you from draughts
  • Horizontal letter box only at present
  • A British invention
  • No need for gravity flaps
  • Light weight single handed operation
  • Automatically adjusts to varying size of delivery
  • Safe - will not bite fingers (or damage mail)
  • Full depth insert of Aluminium plate at the back of the flap to ensure rigidity in very extreme cold weather conditions
  • Supplied without screws as everyone has different requirements!

Here's a video showing how to fit an Ecoflap:

  • Accommodates post up to 260 x 42mm (10.25" x 1.75") w x h
  • Will cover a hole up to 310 x 70mm (12" x 2.75") w x h
  • Will accommodate front letter box bolts coming through, up to 287.5mm (11.32") apart
  • There is a 20mm (0.78") wide flange around the Ecoflap to cover any uneven/or untidy hole cuts, once the existing draught barrier is removed. This will also house the Ecoflap fixing screws (not supplied). (Recommended 3.5mm x 12/15mm countersink)
  • Outer Dimensions: 330 x 117.5 x 35mm (13" x 4.63" x 1.37") w x h x d

  • Ecoflaps are made from 757 ABS thermo plastic - it's sturdy robust and acts as a barrier to cold conductivity from outside.
  • The aluminum bar inside is not a closure bar but helps maintain rigidity during differential inside and outside temperatures.
  • All materials are recyclable eg ABS can be chopped up (granulated) and put in with fresh material and remoulded.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why won't the letter box inside flap blow open?
The product is finely balanced - the plate is biased so that the opening force is counteracted by a greater closing force.

Why is it draught proof?
The plate won't rattle, either by wind force or passing traffic rumbling by, thus no cold air or rain will filter in, and no heat will escape. Ecoflap is also rain and snow proof!

Why is it classed as eco friendly?
Ecoflaps contribute towards saving energy costs. The letter box can be a "silent culprit" for losing heat. It has been estimated that up to 27% of heat can be lost through one.

The outside plate on my letter box is metal. Will it be compatible with a plastic one inside?
Yes, a metal plate can contribute to cold air coming through to the inside plate and consequently inside your house. If the inside plate is ABS - a form of plastic - it will act as a barrier with lower thermal conducting properties.

My doors bang when there is a "through"draught - will it stop this?
It will certainly help the situation. There is no passage of air through the plate, in either direction.

Can I use an adhesive to install my Ecoflap?
Sticking the Ecoflap to your door instead of bolting it, using an adhesive such as a kitchen/ bathroom sealant, is also okay, for example on metal doors, or if preferred.

Why is it safer?
There are no springs, magnets or catches to bite fingers - or damage mail.

Do you have to take the inner flap off to install the Eco Flap?
Yes - remove everything from the inside of the letterbox. Ecoflap replaces brushes or any other hinged flap that is already on the door.

Why is Ecoflap so simple to use?
The Ecoflap is lightweight and conveniently operated with one hand. It adjusts to the size of delivery and there are no components to break. The product is easily fitted having a small lip along the lower edge that rests onto your existing lower ledge of your aperture. This lines up perfectly with the outside plate. Screw caps cover each of the screw holes of the flange. Alternatively, it may be fitted with adhesive on metal or upvc doors if preferred.

Not what you're after?
View all the eco products in our energy efficiency and energy saving devices section, or click on any of the links on the left hand side to see more.

  A Must draught excluder  Clever deseign,v easy to fit,does just what it says    Lanham - Dorset

  Works Nicely  Really easy to fit. I'm still receiving post and there's no draft, so I guess it works :-)    -

  EXCELLENT!  Brilliant design! - very easy to fit - completely draughtproof - smooth and unimpeded access for our postman - in use for a couple of months and very pleased with it.    Linda - Ceredigion

  It really works!  My letterbox used to rattle so much, it would wake me up. Now it doesn't. Brilliant design, works perfectly.    Nick Andrews - Brighton

  The Ecoflap  Does the job,so far so good, not long since we've installed it. Will update if required. We got a white one and it looks nice and keeps the wind out and let's the letters in.    Louise - Dorset

  Does exactly what it says on the tin !  Just what we needed. It does the job of draft-proofing brilliantly and doesn't claim too many fingers of those delivering.    -

  Great product - solved problem instantly!  What a difference the Ecoflap has made. We now have warm hands and feet after suffering with a draughty letterbox in our office for years. Thanks Nigel!    -

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