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Radflek Radiator Reflectors
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Radflek Radiator Reflectors

heat your room, not your walls! reduce wasted heat by 40%

21.95 inc. VAT

Reduce your energy bills and get the most out of your central heating with Radflek radiator reflectors. So easy to install in minutes, and no need to remove radiators.

Just hang Radflek down the back of your radiator, and it will reflect the heat back into the room.

Choose Pack Size:
3 Sheets - £21.95 (6 radiators)
5 Sheets - £33.95 (10 radiators)
8 Sheets - £49.99 (16 radiators)



Sheet size: 1200 x 600 mm

  • 6 Radiator Pack: 3 sheets of Radflek (600mm x 1200mm), 12 fixing clips, 2 strips of Radstik
  • 10 Radiator Pack: 5 sheets of Radflek (600mm x 1200mm), 20 fixing clips, 4 strips of Radstik
  • 16 Radiator Pack: 8 sheets of Radflek (600mm x 1200mm), 32 fixing clips, 8 strips of Radstik

If the space between the brackets is wider on your radiators, you can tape more than one sheet together, using Radstik special adhesive tape (NB some Radstik strips are already included - as above).

You'll be able to turn your central heating down, save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. User friendly and discreet, once installed Radiator Reflectors are invisible from view. One sheet will cover two average radiators.

Radflek is made from a 7-layer laminated heat reflecting aluminium membrane, developed by NASA for their space programme, to
reflect sun's radiation. It is coated so it doesn't oxidise, unlike normal aluminium foil.

How it works
  • Around 40% of a radiator's heat is wasted on heating the wall.
  • A Radflek Radiator Reflector panel will reflect 95% of that wasted heat back into the room.
  • The panel hangs free off the wall brackets between the radiator and the wall, making it easy to remove and clean. It also makes it more effective at reflecting heat.
  • Most of the heat loss takes place from the middle of the radiator, so even if the sheets don't go right the way to the end, or the brackets are low, the most important bit of the radiator is covered.
  • Easy to keep the Radiator Reflector panel dust-free, to ensure maximum reflectivity.
  • The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has shown that one sheet of Radflek Radiator Reflector will save up to 114 kWh every year.
  • Radflek Radiator Reflector sheets can pay for themselves in a year.
  • British Board of Agrment (BBA) certified to have a 60-year life
  • Approved for use in the Government's Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) scheme, administered by Ofgem.

Why can't I just use aluminium foil?
Radflek radiator reflectors have been treated to stay shiny with a special coating that also makes it very touch and strong. Although aluminium kitchen foil would be reflective at first, it would quickly start to oxidise and become dull. It is also much weaker than Radflek, and would be prone to rips and tears. Not an effective substitute!

Radflek's seven layer laminated reflective membrane is made up as follows:
1. coating to prevent oxidisation
2. aluminium foil
3. adhesive
4. polyethylene core
5. adhesive
6. aluminised polyester
7. coating to prevent oxidisation

I have curved radiators, will Radflek work?
Radflek is easy to install on curved radiators, as the foil is flexible enough to bend around the curve of the radiator. Measure the distance between each wall bracket and hang from the brackets as with standard installation. You may need to cut the clips to shorter lengths with scissors to make this easier.

Can Radflek be used with night storage heaters or electric radiators?
If there is a gap between the electric radiator or night storage heater and the wall, and if the electric radiator or night storage heater radiates heat towards the wall as well as into the room, then Radflek can be installed behind the electric radiator or night storage heater in order to reduce heat loss through that wall. Sometimes wall mounted electric radiators have brackets which are level with or even higher than the top of the radiator. In these cases, the standard install method will not work. A possible solution is put sticky backed hooks on the wall below the level of the high brackets. Radflek can then be installed using the standard installation method but suspended from the hooks rather than the wall brackets.

Can Radflek be painted?
We wouldn’t recommend painting Radflek, the surface will not take paint easily and the reflectivity would be reduced, possibly substantially

Can Radflek be used with old fashioned radiators?
Some old fashioned cast iron radiators have vertical gaps in them, if you're concerned about using Radflek because of how it might look, the appearance isn’t as bad as you might imagine as the material reflects back the white of the radiator and appears less silver. Also Radflek is only really visible when you are looking straight on at these radiators, as soon as you move to one side or the other, you don't notice it. (NB for standard more modern radiators, you don't see Radfalk anyway.)

What if the standard installation method means that Radflek doesnt cover my entire radiator?
The standard installation method is for Radflek to be suspended from clips that hang between the radiator wall brackets. This means that the portion of the radiator outside the brackets will still be transferring heat into the section of the wall directly behind it, but the manufacturers felt you would prefer a slightly less efficient installation if the Radflek sheet was not visible from the side of the radiator.

If your brackets are unusually close together (and therefore far from the edges of the radiator) or low (and so not near the top of the radiator), you can modify the installation method by discarding the clips, cutting slits in the Radflek sheet and mounting it so that the radiator brackets sit in the slits. The sheet is stiff enough to bear its own weight, and you can leave sufficient material above the slits to ensure that any space above low brackets is also covered by Radflek. That way you can have Radflek behind the entire radiator.

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  Well worthwhile purchasing  Having read the informaton and done the research I invested in this product. I had help from the staff, the product came speedily (I bought 3-pack when 2 would have done, so I wish I had not heeded the advice online). Easy to install and seems to be working.    -

  Works well.  Was a bit sceptical but thought I would try these anyway. Result - exactly as described by Nigel. Can feel the heat reflected back into the room. Very easy to install. Pleased I purchased these reflectors.    -

  radflek great product  Noticed difference after fitting to radiators. Bought the 10 radiator pack but only managed 7 (may be because 2 were large radiators) to have reflectors fitted. Certainly would recommend in buying.    john credland - staffordshire

  good product  A simple idea which is easy to fit. Just check size of radiators as I bought pack to do 10 radiators but could only manage 7. You can feel the benefits hope it reflects in the pennys saved.    john credland - stafford

  excellent  fast delivery, very easy to fit and noticeable difference.I will be warmer this winter and expect lower gas bill. good investment.    M H - S East

  Wifes Comment  My Wife said the radiators seem a lot hotter lately, have you turned them up? that say's it all I think? Product easy to fit    -

  Seems to work  Like others, I'm also cynical about this kind of thing but Radflek was very easy to install, completely invisible and seems to be effective. My only comment is that you should carefully measure your radiators as the 6 radiator pack was not enough to do my 5 radiators!    Paul - West Sussex

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