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Radiator Booster Turbo Logic
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Radiator Booster Turbo Logic

cut your heating bills and get warmer rooms for under 30p a year

24.95 inc. VAT

New model! Radiator Booster is an innovative, lightweight gadget that uses a small fan to draw up heat from behind a standard radiator, gently distributing it better into the room. It will warm a room faster, save lost energy, and reduce heating bills.

The Radiator Booster works with a built in thermostat and could save an average household between 70 and 140 per year.

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Dimensions: 590 x 90 x 90 mm

Hot air rises, which means rooms warm up from the ceiling down. A Radiator Booster moves hot air from your radiators into the room quicker than it would do on its own, which means rooms warm up faster, and you can turn radiators down, saving energy and money.

Simply place a Radiator Booster on top of a hot radiator (single or double), the hole facing down, and plug it in. It'll heat a room in up to half the time, allowing the boiler to shut down sooner, saving heating time and cost - for a running cost of about 30p a year!

The new Turbo Logic model is 2.5 times more powerful than before, to gently move the warm air around the room, which mixes the entire air in an average room every 90 minutes.

With intelligent electronics, the Radiator Booster only circulates the air when the radiator exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, so ensuring no energy is ever wasted.

Money Saving
  • The Radiator Booster sucks up lost heat from behind your radiator, circulating it around the room. The room feels warmer as pools of cold air are eliminated. You should be able to turn down your thermostat by up to 3 degrees Celsius, giving you an average saving of around 140 a year. (Energy Saving Trust, 2009)
  • By saving just one hour a week of your boiler working, you save 15 KW of power.
  • In an independent test by Which Magazine (April 2011), they found that: "Our test lab found that with the radiator booster fitted, the room heated up more quickly, the thermostat needed to come on less often and energy consumption dropped."

"We were very pleased with the performance - they make a noticeable difference to radiator performance."

  • In-built automatic thermostat - the internal fan only comes on when the radiator reaches 30 degrees Celsius, eliminating the need to turn the unit on and off manually, making it very energy efficient
  • Fitted with one, powerful, quiet fan (see below)
  • Manufactured from rigid, recyclable polypropylene
  • Improves efficiency by as much as 50%, by distributing heat more evenly around the room, and reducing heat loss through the wall behind your radiator, allowing your boiler to shut down much sooner

  • Weight: 240 grams
  • Material : recyclable ABS plastic
  • Mains power adapter: 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Mains cable length: 1.9 M (extensions available)
  • Mains consumption standby: 0.15W
  • Mains consumption active: 1.25W
  • Thermostat activation point: 30 degrees Celsius

What's the difference between Radiator Booster Turbo Logic and earlier models?
  • New Venturi air intake: get 20% more air flow
  • New design: a rigid, tough casing, with a more contemporary design, less flimsy than earlier models
  • The Radiator Booster Mk3 does not extend, however it is longer than earlier models when compacted
  • The LED display tells you when it is switched on, when the radiator is hot enough for the Radiator Booster to work, and when the radiator is cooling down.

  • Place the Radiator Booster on top of your radiator with the hole facing down and plug in.
  • Once the radiator has reached 30 degrees Celsius, the booster's fan will kick in to suck warm air up, and push it out through one end.

Please Note
  • 30 degrees Celsius is the radiator temperature NOT the room temperature. A typical radiator contains water at 70 to 90 degrees Celsius when hot.
  • With radiators that have not been bled for some time it may take a little longer for the Radiator Booster to kick in. If that is the case, and your radiators need bleeding often, a radiator auto vent might be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why doesn't my Radiator Booster come on when I switch it on?
There's a thermostat inside the Radiator Booster which means the fan only comes on when the radiator reaches 30 degrees celsius. This makes it very energy efficient. If the fan came on when the radiator was not warm, cold air would be pushed round the room... which would defeat the object! (NB 32 degrees celsius is the radiator temperature NOT the room temperature. A typical radiator contains water that will be heated to 70 to 90 degrees celsius when hot.)

How much energy does it really save?
This will depend on how you use the Radiator Booster, and for how long. But UK energy providers state that reducing your thermostat setting by one degree Celsius could save the average home £49/year or 10% of your heating bills. Most tests carried out with Radiator Booster have achieved more than 2 degrees reduction.

Can it be used with Radiator Covers?
YES. Provided you can fit the device in place under your cover, you will save up to 3 times as much energy. Covers prevent a radiator from ‘radiating’ its heat, relying solely on ‘convection’. Radiator Booster enhances that convection at least three fold, distributing huge amounts of trapped heat.

Can I leave it running 24/7?
YES. As the new Radiator Booster 3 has in built thermostat that switches on at around 30 degrees Celsius and switches off when the radiator temperature drops below this point. However, we would recommend that you turn the device off at the wall socket when not needed, as the power supply runs continuously and therefore continues to use electricity when switched on.

Could I plug it into a timer unit?
Yes. You can use it with a standard timer.

My radiator is very long. Do I need to use two of these?
You can do, but it should not be necessary. The simple movement of air created by Radiator Booster will normally lead to good convection in your room.

Where should I place it on my radiator?
As far to the back and centralised along the length of your radiator should optimise the performance. However, if you place it to one end, it should still work adequately. On some radiator designs you will find that the device will drop down slightly behind the top of the radiator. This further enhances the performance.

Can I use it on oil filled radiators, electric storage radiators, or electric convection radiators?
NO. These types of radiator reach far higher surface temperatures than water filled radiators. These higher temperatures will distort and damage the housing and fans of Radiator Booster.

Can I use it in my bathroom, shower room, sauna room, outbuilding, etc?
NO! Radiator Booster must not be used in a damp or humid environment under any circumstances.

How much electricity does it use, and is it safety approved?
The Radiator Booster has been tested and approved by an independent laboratory. Each fan is rated at less than 1 watt, and each unit is supplied complete with a full set of instructions. Should you operate a Radiator Booster for 500 hours, it should use approximately 1kWh of electricity (less than 13p for most homes).

Will I need to put one of these in every room?
We would recommend you place one in each room that you regularly use, but it shouldn’t be necessary for other rooms. After all, you could unplug and move one very easily if necessary.

My nearest power socket is a long way from my radiator.
Each unit comes fitted with a 1.9metre power lead, which should suit most situations - you can always add an extension cable, or a extension lead.

Do I need to clean the device?
Yes. As with any fan, dust will build up on various surfaces, which will seriously impair the performance and reliability of the device. You will need to clean it periodically using a lint free cloth. Take care with the fan blades as they are very delicate and can break easily.

Can you hear it working?
YES. The small fan used in Radiator Booster, like any fan, make a humming noise."The fans used in Radiator Booster are similar to those used in home computers and operate at around the same audible level." During the summer most of us use large noisy desktop/ pedestal fans to help keep us cool, and in the winter noisy electric fan heaters to help keep us warm. Radiator Booster costs virtually nothing to run and is considerably quieter than either of these.

Sometimes it is quieter than other times. Why is this?
The fans can take some time to settle down and perform at their optimum, and they are also very sensitive to temperature. The sounds will vary from time to time, but this is normal and should cause no concern.

Not what you're after?
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  this works!!  we have a double radiator behind a sofa and this device helps to blow warm air from behind it hence warming up the room more efficiently. It's also very quiet in operation    John Gibson - Wakefield

  Pricey  Excellent product. Got two now. Would have bought more but I think they are too expensive.    R Hiarris - Wakefield

  A bit noisy but effective  It's basically a computer fan in a plastic tube. I'd say the noise is a bit more than most computers, even with the magic dampers under it, but our daughter seems to be able to sleep with it running. She says she has really noticed the difference.    David - Stafford

  Mk3, Just bought another 2 to add to the first   very effective in a large room with only two large radiators. Distributes the heat around the romm very effectively and has allowed me to reduce the temperature of the thermostats. Have already recommended it to a few friends - would be even better if the 'fan end' was could blow the air at an angle    woodlands - derbyshire

  Radiator boosters  I bought two radiator boosters, as I just have one radiator in room.I put both boosters on the radiator, although they do what is said, and quiet, the room is to big for them, 4.5 x 4.5 mtrs. (I give it 5 as I think it will be ok in smaller room.)    Billy Robinson - County Durham

  telling all my fiends  cannot believe the difference this has made to our long kitchen! The heat is being distributed more evenly and quickly. It is noisy but only in the background    - Surrey

  Radiator Booster Mk3  Does what it says on the box! Due to layout of room we had to redirect the heat from the radiator (double panel with grill on top) so bought one. It worked so well that we purchased a second. No vibration issues even without pads or noise probs. Can't comment on eco side, but it does work.    Paul - Shropshire

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