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Our Environmental Policy

We recognise that our operations have an impact on the environment and result in emissions, and it is our aim to reduce this and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Introduction and aim
Nigel’s Eco Store is a retailer of environmentally friendly products for resourceful, sustainable living. We operate offices and administration from a site in Hove, and use warehouse facilities in Berkshire. The aim of our business is to promote and inspire a more sustainable way of life through the offer of the products that we sell.

We do recognise that our operations have an impact on the environment and result in emissions to air and water, and the generation of waste. It is our aim to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

This environmental policy applies to all of our operations including management, office services, printing, delivery and procurement. The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented. However all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

We will ensure that resources are available to enable us to achieve our objectives and targets.

We aim to:

  • work towards carbon neutral deliveries of all orders via our mail order service
  • aim to carbon balance the business
  • work with our suppliers to encourage environmental practices
  • develop methods of explaining and disclosing the environmental impacts of the products we sell to our customers

As an internet based retail company we currently:
  • supply products for sale that have an environmental benefit in either their materials, or in their use
  • use recycled material for packaging and filler where possible
  • re-use packaging where possible
  • all company literature and marketing collateral is printed on recycled paper
  • have our website hosted by a company with an environmental policy in place

In addition, Nigel’s Eco Store staff undertake a number of initiatives to reduce the company’s impact on the environment:
  • We do not own any company vehicles, and instead use a car club car when necessary and travel by public transport, bicycle or by foot for 90% of journeys
  • Paper re-use and envelope reuse, including using paper printed on one side for draft printing or for internal documents
  • Green procurement where possible for office materials eg all paper recycled, environmentally friendly cleaning products etc
  • Use mugs / glasses for tea/coffee/drinks rather than disposable cups
  • Separate out recyclables and recycle locally
  • Turn off PC monitors when not in use
  • Turn off PCs and network printers every evening
  • All lights use energy efficient and energy saving lightbulbs
  • Water saving devices are used in toilet cisterns to cut down water used in flushing
  • All electricity is purchased from Ecotricity, a green electricity provider

To achieve our aims, we have set ourselves the target of informing all of our customers and suppliers about our environmental policy.

Monitoring and auditing
Progress against these objectives will be monitored through our monthly management meetings.

This environmental policy is available on request. If you wish to obtain a copy or would like to discuss our progress against objectives, please telephone 01273 710770.


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Managing Director
23rd October 2007

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