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Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

turns any bottle into a lamp 9.95

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

classic tailored shorts with adjustable waist 14.95



buy a share in a beehive, it's a way to support bees and earn some honey 29.99

Pollinator Beebom

Pollinator Beebom

help bring back endangered wildflowers 2.99

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

easy to grow, delicious to eat 14.99

How to Save at least £500 a year: our top 10 Eco Tips for saving money, water, energy and CO2 in your home

Would you like to save over £500, 65,500 litres of water, and reduce your carbon emissions by at least 1,974kg? With some clever energy and water saving gadgets, you could save at least £555 in the first year, and in following years, save at least £698.

What would you do with an extra £500? Go on a course and learn an new skill? Take up a new hobby? Have an indulgent weekend away? Take the family on a low-carbon UK camping trip to the countryside? It's up to you; you've earned it!

All the figures and savings identified below are based on DEFRA's assessment of energy and water usage, and resulting carbon emissions, from a family of four over the course of a year (apart from the energy saving lightbulbs, where savings are calculated over the course of their lifetime, around 10 years).

1. Save 180 in the Shower

  • Cost: 11.99
  • Money saving: 180 per year
  • Water saving: 40,000L per year
  • CO2 saving: 0.759kg per year

  • Taking a shower is considered to be better for the environment and your pocket than having a bath (which uses 80 to 100 litres of water). A low cost shower meter lets you know how much water you're using and alert you when the recommended amount of water has been used. As you can see, the savings for a family of four can be substansial over a year.

    2. Save 108 on Heating your Home

  • Cost: 36.99
  • Money saving: 108 per year
  • Energy saving: 20% per year
  • CO2 saving: 0.8kg per year

  • Fitting Heatkeeper Radiator Insulation Panels behind your radiators will save you huge amounts of energy and money per year. The metal insulation panels work by reflecting the heat that would normally be lost behind your radiators back into the room. Using them won't only cut your carbon emissions, they'll improve the effeciency of your central heating.

    3. Save 8,000 litres on Washing Laundry

  • Cost: 29.99
  • Money saving: 74 per year
  • Water saving: 8,000 litres per year
  • CO2 saving: 0.307kg per year

  • Useing EcoBalls® instead of washing powder in your wash will save you money and water. EcoBalls produce ionized oxygen, which combined with the movement of the balls on your clothes, penetrates deep into your washing, lifting dirt and grime away. They really work, and because there's a lot less to rinse out, your can use a shorter cycle and wash at a lower temperature.

    4. Save 266kwh on your Computer

  • Cost: 14.99
  • Money saving: 34 per year
  • Energy saving: 266kwh per year
  • CO2 saving: 145kg per year

  • At the touch of a button, the Ecobutton™ USB enables you to power down your desktop computer whenever you take a break - saving you money, electricity, and reducing your carbon footprint. Every time you break - to take a call or go for a meeting - simply press the Ecobutton™ and your computer and monitor will be put into the most economical sleep mode available.

    5. Save 17,500 litres on the Loo

  • Cost: 1.99
  • Money saving: 20 per year
  • Water saving: 17,500L per year
  • CO2 saving: 90kg per year

  • The Hippo Water Saver is a water saving bag your put inside your toilet cistern. It's really easy to fit, and can save you up to 3 litres of water every time you flush - that's up to £20 per year in water bills, with a pay-back on your investment within 8-12 weeks.

    6. Save 34 when watching TV

  • Cost: 13.99
  • Money saving: 34 per year
  • Energy saving: 8% per year
  • CO2 saving: 78kg per year

  • The Energenie Standby Shutdown automatically turns off any appliances left on standby, saving you up to £34 per year on electricity bills. It recognises when you put on an appliance on standby and then automatically switches off the mains power. Great for TVs, Sky Boxes etc., and you can use it with more than one appliance as long as the maximum load of 13A is not exceeded.

    7. Save 30% in the Kitchen

  • Cost: 29.99
  • Money saving: 30% per year
  • Water saving: 30% per year
  • CO2 saving: 203kg per year

  • The innovative Eco Kettle has unique double chamber that helps you measure out exactly how much water you want to boil, saving your electricity, water, money and time - making it better for the planet... and your cup of tea.

    8. Save 100 when having a Shower

  • Cost: 14.99
  • Money saving: 108 per year
  • Water saving: 60% per year
  • CO2 saving: 800kg per year

  • A handheld Water Saving Showerhead saves energy and water with no loss of shower power. If you have a power shower, combi boiler, condensing boiler or dedicated shower pump, these DEFRA approved water saving replacement shower heads are guaranteed to reduce the water the shower uses by up to 60%. They're easy to fit, and save up to £165 per year on energy bills.

    9. Save up to 140 on Heating your Home

  • Cost: 19.99
  • Money saving: 140 per year
  • Energy saving: 50% per year
  • CO2 saving: 800kg per year

  • The Radiator Booster uses a small fan to capture heat lost out of the back of your radiator, circulating it better into the room. It can reduce room heating time and cost by up to 50% - all for a running cost of about 30p a year. It's adjustable, has a built in thermostat and could save an average household up to £140 per year.

    10. Save 40 Lighting your Home

  • Cost: from 7.50
  • Money saving: 40 per bulb over 10 years
  • Energy saving: 80% over 10 years
  • CO2 saving: 900kg per bulb over ten years

  • Lighting accounts for about 25% of national power generation, so do your bit for the environment by choosing energy saving, energy efficient light bulbs. Our top quality, power saving, low energy light bulbs are the best on the market. Each can cut up to 900kg of CO2, and save you £40 or more over their lifetime.

    Take a look at more great energy saving and water saving products, and let me know what you think - I'd love to hear from you!

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