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Floorboard Gap Stop - 40m
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Floorboard Gap Stop - 40m

a no-tools way to stop floorboard draughts

21.95 inc. VAT

Wood floors bring a warm feeling to any room, but draughts through the gaps in the floorboards can make your home feel cold and cost up to 40 per room in wasted heat.

This one-size-fits-all seal by StopGap fills the gaps making the room warmer and saving heating costs: it is simple to fit, and is flexible so can fill irregular gaps and takes movements in the floor in its stride.

The v-shape springy plastic creates a seal that stops draughts, noise and smells.

Fitted simply by pushing into the gap, with no need for adhesive or tools, it sits invisibly in the shadow at the bottom of floorboard gaps, leaving the appearance of your floor unaffected.

Designed to stop draughts in gaps of 1- 8mm wide, the gap must be 10mm or more deep so that the seal can be pushed out of sight. Comes on a 40m roll, and is BROWN.

NB Not suitable for tongue and groove floorboards.




Rolls: 40m, packet size 160mm dia x 20mm thick

PLEASE NOTE that a neutral colour filler has been used for clarity in these photographs, but the product we send you is actually Brown and is better for a floor of this colour.

In practice, the colour of the seal is not critical because the seal is virtually invisible in th shadow at the bottom of the gap.

StopGap is designed to stop draughts in gaps of 1- 8mm wide, especially gaps between square-edged wooden floorboards. The gap must be 10mm or more deep so that the seal can be pushed out of sight. This makes it unsuitable for tongue and groove boards. If you're desperate the seal can be trimmed with scissors to fit shallower gaps, but this restricts the width of gap which can be dealt with and is not really practical for large areas, but, if you are desperate...

It's also great for sealing the gap between the skirting board and floor including in carpeted rooms (ever tried sealing this gap with flexible sealant? It can be messy, which can be avoided with StopGap!)

How much do I need?
Its easy to work out how much StopGap you need:
  • Count the total number of gaps between your floorboards
  • Measure the full length of a gap in metres
  • Multiply together to get the total length of all gaps

  • StopGap allows for vacuuming and other cleaning.
  • It'll seal gaps of varying and irregular widths from 1 - 8mm wide
  • It's held in position by its v-shape, which causes it to grip the vertical sides of the gap
  • No adhesives or tools are required to fit it, and the strip is unobtrusive when fitted
  • No need for sanding or finishing after fitting
  • It has a long life and is re-usable and 100% recyclable (made from polypropylene)
  • Safe to use - no adhesives or odours
  • Flexible so takes changes of temperature and humidity in its stride
  • Useful to stop gaps between the floor and the skirting board too
  • Unaffected by temperature or humidity - fit it and forget it
  • NB Designed to stop draughts, it's not intended to fill the gap to level the floor surface.

Fitting StopGap
  • StopGap comes on a roll - and is cut to length with scissors
  • Seals gaps from 1 - 8mm wide
  • Cut off corner of plastic bag and pull out the end of the strip to create a dispenser. Do not remove the roll from the plastic bag its like a cat - once its out, its difficult to get back in.
  • Starting at one end of the gap, fold the strip along the crease and push into the gap with the V pointing down.
  • Using a plastic debit or credit card, push the strip into contact with the joist below. Joists are the supports at right angles under floorboards. You will find them directly below rows of nail heads, spaced 400 to 450mm apart.
  • Continue until you reach the far end of the gap and cut to length. You can ignore gaps which are too narrow for StopGap.

How much will I save?
  • Filling floorboard gaps could save a household from 20 to 40 per room, per year and save 110kg of carbon. (Source: Energy Saving Trust)

  • A 12' by 12' room has around 25 floorboards, meaning there's an average total gap area of 3.87' - equivalent to permanently leaving a small window open. No-one would choose to leave their window open all winter – but without sealing your floorboard gaps, you may be doing just that.

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      Excellent  Bought this for my brother who has all floorboards house. Fitted with ease and so please I have ordered him 2 more rolls to complete all his rooms.    -

      Does the job  A useful product which coped well with irregular gaps in our floorboards. We also used it between skirting and floor boards, and secured a vertical strip to the edge of the back door. It occasionally lifts when vacuuming, but easily slots back. It also prevents spillages running between the boards.    Mary Duckworth - South East

      Easy   So easy to fit. Used them in floorboard gaps, and also at the top of a stuck sash window. Push in well on floorboards to avoid hoover pulling it out. (easy to push it back tho)    John -

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    Nigel Says

    Nigel SaysIt's surprising how much is lost as a result of draughts from floorboards. This easy and cost effective seal will make your home warmer and save you money, quickly and easily!