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Floorboard Gap Insulation Seal
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Floorboard Gap Insulation Seal

stops floor draughts, save 20 to 40 per room

26.99 inc. VAT

Wooden floorboards look fantastic, but they can be draughty: in a typical home, 15% of the heat is lost through the floor.

For example, in a 12' by 12' room with around 25 floorboards, there's an average gap area of 3.87', that's equivalent to permanently leaving a small window open!

Rather than covering them up with rugs or cranking up the heating, stop the draughts by filling the gaps with this easy-to-use, flexible sealant by DraughtEx.

Choose width of seal:
Thin - for gaps up to 3mm (40m roll) - £26.99
Standard - for gaps 2 - 7mm (40m roll) - £28.99
Thick - for gaps 6 - 11mm (10m roll) - £26.99



  • 4mm filler: fills gaps up to 3mm, comes in a 40m roll
  • 8mm filler: fills gaps from 2-7mm, comes in a 40m roll
  • 12mm filler: fills gaps from 6-11mm, comes in a 10m roll

Please note: the floorboard gap seal is stretchy, and as you apply it to the gaps in your floorboards, you will be stretching it as you seal the gaps. Therefore, a 40m roll will be more than enough to seal gaps totalling 40m in length.

Here's a video showing how to install it:

With no need for adhesive, you can fill gaps in floorboards invisibly, as the colour of the filler mimics the natural shadows between boards. Comes with a free applicator, and will completely seal a range of different size gaps.

You can also use floorboard gap seal to fill gaps elsewhere, such as in sash windows and skirting boards (the gap between floorboards and skirting board can be a source of draughts). To block skirting board draughts, start in one corner of the room and work your way round, cutting the length of seal at the end of each wall. To stop draughts from sash windows, use a blunt knife to push the seal into the gaps between the glass and the frame, and any gaps in the frame itself.

Draughtex gives off no gases or smells, it is just a rubber compound.

If you're sanding or varnishing your wooden floors, we recommend completing that first, and fitting Draughtex afterwards. If you need to do further work, the Draughtex can be pulled out and replaced once the work is complete. This can be done numerous times as it is fully re-usable..

How much will I save?
  • A 12' by 12' room has around 25 floorboards, with an average gap area of 3.87' equivalent to permanently leaving a small window open.
  • Filling floorboard gaps could save a household from 20 to 40 per room, per year and save 110kg of carbon. (Source: Energy Saving Trust)

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      Miraculous  A few years on from renovating our wooden floorboards and the gap filler had started to fall through in ever increasing places.This product was quick and easy to install.With each area completed I could tell the drafts were decreasing. It was tricky at first but once you get momentum it's simple.    Sally - Brighton

      Would recommend   Great product. Easy enough to apply, especially with big gaps but smaller gaps take a bit more persistence. My only criticism of this product is that it would be better if if was sold in smaller quantities. I have used it for a one bed flat and have loads left over which seems like a waste.    Natasha - Hove

      This stuff is brilliant  I've just done a second room with this stuff and it worked even better. I think that's because I felt a bit more confident with it. Work it hard. Don't be afraid to stretch it as it is good at holding its new shape and sits in tight. It eliminates draughts and it looks really good too.    Alan - Bailey

      Well worth it.  I fitted this in the office room before winter and definately noticed the difference. I had so much left over that I installed it in the summer house too which has deck for flooring. Stops all the spiders and odd weed getting through too. Great product, well worth the work to install it.    pinakin patel - brighton

      Multi-function  Bought this primarily to stop drafts in the living room and hall, having otherwise bare floorboards there. Unexpectedly it also seems to have solved the problem of slugs coming up from between the same gaps in the living room at night. I am beyond happy about that!    -

      Fiddly but worth it  I've spent a while hunkered down with my head on the floor fitting this along our draughty skirting boards but the difference between where it's fitted and where it's not is amazing. Old houses with uneven skirting boards and floors will need different sizes for the gaps. Fiddly but worth it.    -

      Great stuff  I second everything everyone else has said. Hours of internet research led to this and it really works. Have only just started to use it so not sure how well it will do over years/decades, but so far, so good.    -

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