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Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

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Home Computer Ecobutton


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Home Computer Ecobutton

save computer energy, with one small click

14.99 inc. VAT

This great USB device enables you to power down your Windows desktop computer every time you take a break (long or short), at the touch of a button - saving you money, electricity, and helping to reduce your carbon footprint.




Every time you take a phone call, go for a meeting or a break, simply press the Ecobutton and your computer and monitor are put into the most economical and efficient power saving mode available - almost the same as when shut down. Press any key on your keyboard and your computer instantly returns to where you left off.

Save up to £50 and 135kg of carbon per year.

Computers and monitors can account for a lot of electricity: a single monitor left switched on overnight can use the same energy as a laser printer producing 800 A4 printed copies.

And according to a recent study, 1.8million computers in the UK are regularly left on unneccessarily, wasting around 1.5 billion kWh of energy, approximately £115million, or around 700,000 tonnes of carbon (the same as emitted by 170,000 cars!)

All this wasted electricity can be easily avoided by adopting simple energy saving policies and by using energy saving devices like the Ecobutton - with one small click, a huge amount of CO2 emissions could be avoided.

A home user running a single desktop computer can make a valuable contribution by saving up to 135kg of CO2 per year and approximately £50 in electricity by using the Ecobutton regularly.

The Ecobutton sits next to your keyboard. It connects to your computer via a USB cable, and when used, puts your computer into the most economical sleep mode (usually Level 3 Standby, as opposed to Level 1 Standby which most desktop computers are routinely set to use and which still uses 50% of PC power). Ecobutton's software also records how many carbon units and how much power and money you have saved by using it. You can use this data to help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills.

The Ecobutton is RoHS compliant and manufactured from recycled plastic.

It is a retrofit device, so it will work on any PC running Windows 7, 2000, XP and Vista (including laptops, and PCs with wireless keyboards - but not Macs just yet), and regardless of how energy efficient your IT system may be, the Ecobutton™ will contribute to further savings.

Can I use the Ecobutton with my laptop?
The Ecobutton is designed to be used with desktop PCs mainly, as laptops generally already use Level 3 Standby. However it's still useful for laptops if you have power saving disabled, or if your laptop doesn't use Level 3 Standby. Also some older computers and some HP computers may have difficulty in reactivation. This is a problem with the computer bios and not the Ecobutton™ software.

Can I use the Ecobutton on a networked computer?
The Ecobutton can also be used in simple networked environments, depending on the type of network and the software being run.

How much space is required?
Less than 5Mb of disk space and a minimum of 256Kb RAM.

Does it need an Administrator to run ecobutton?
Administrative rights will be required to install the software.

What are Administrative rights?
If your computer is part of a network you may need to check with your IT department.

Will it affect my internet connection?
All internet traffic will be suspended when the ecobutton is used although in most cases, it will simply continue from where the upload was left off when reconnection is made.

Will anybody else be able to access my computer when in ‘ecomode’?
No. No one can access the computer when it is in ecomode. For added security systems can be set to require a password on resume.

How much will I save?
This is totally dependant on how your specifi c system is confi gured and the use to which it is put, but can be measured fairly accurately by using the ecobutton meter.

How to set your PC to ensure your Ecobutton is working correctly
If you experience any of the below, click on the link to see instructions (you will be taken to another website) on how to set your PC so that everything works as it is meant to:

Dimensions (boxed): 195 x 110 x 25mm

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  I like it...  ...Yes I do!    -

  works just as described  this does just as described and starts up just where you left off. set up easy too. I like to think i am saving money.    -

  Great idea to save time  bought two, one for a personal PC which works great although you need to touch the power button to bring the Dell back to live but is does mention in the instructions. I also bought one for a pc i use for work but it seems to disconnect the broadband but will persevere.    Russell Clark -

  A green light in a shady world  I love this button. It looks cool, it saves me money, reminds me how much energy I am using, easier to use than traditional standby button, as you don't need to save anything before hitting that cool green button. Kids love it too. Every office should be basking in this green glow.    Catherine Mack -

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Nigel Says

Nigel SaysAn Ecobutton makes it easy to get your PC in and out of hibernation mode, saving energy at home and work.