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Sheila Maid Ceiling Airer


Sheila Maid Ceiling Airer

4 rails: dry clothes and laundry out of the way, saves space, and money

60.95 inc. VAT

The energy saving Sheila Maid ceiling airer clothes drying rack uses original curved cast iron rack ends - part of the British household for over 100 years - to dry and air clothes out of your way, ie close to the ceiling.

Choose Length
Sheila Maid Ceiling Airer -1.45m (57") - £60.95
Sheila Maid Ceiling Airer -1.83m (72") - £64.99
Sheila Maid Ceiling Airer -2.13m (84") - £67.99


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Dimensions: length: from 1.45m (57") to 2.44m (96"), width: 15.5"

Made from traditional pine and cast iron, it comes complete with 4 wooden rails, a single pulley, double pulley, cleat hook and 10 metre cotton rope. It's easy to fit, and you can also purchase an extra double pulley to keep the rope closer to ceiling if you need.

A low tech, age-old solution to a modern problem. Great if you don't have a garden, or for when it's cold or raining. So quite a lot then! An extra wide 6 rail version is available too.

Why is a Sheila Maid more energy efficient?
Generally speaking, tumble dryers use a lot of energy. Most have a C energy rating, but even so, the energy they use can vary by as much as a third. One in three homes in the UK has one, and with a million tumble dryers sold in the UK every year, the energy they use soon mounts up. A washing line is far more energy efficient, however not everyone has a garden, or the space to dry clothes around the house, which is where a Sheila Maid comes in.

  • Capacity: can hold up to 8kg of laundry
  • Colour of cast iron ends: dark grey with a brown tinge.
  • Wood: sustainably sourced Scandanavian redwood pine.
  • Comes fully boxed.

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      Would like to see instructions before buying  Great product. I've dried my first lot of washing on it - it worked a treat. Nigel, you should really add a pdf of the installation instructions to the ceiling airer product description. Then people would know whether they are going to need the extra pulley BEFORE buying rather than afterwards!    Peter - Stroud

      Great Product  This is a really good product, i've been using one for years. I have a 2m long version and can fit a whole machine load on it. As for the other review complaining about the fixings, good luck trying to support the rack + loads of wet washing with rawl plugs straight into plasterboard!    -

    This product usually takes 7 to 10 days to arrive. FREE Standard UK delivery included.

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