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Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

Rechargeable Cork Bottle Light

turns any bottle into a lamp 9.95

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

Boy's Organic Grey School Shorts

classic tailored shorts with adjustable waist 14.95



buy a share in a beehive, it's a way to support bees and earn some honey 29.99

Pollinator Beebom

Pollinator Beebom

help bring back endangered wildflowers 2.99

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit

easy to grow, delicious to eat 14.99

8 Ways to Make Back to School more Eco Friendly

...with school uniforms, stationery and supplies

As the days start to get longer, and the leaves start turning brown, it's time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school. Here's a selection of our favourite eco, sustainable, recycled and environmentally friendly class room and playground essentials.

Get smart - Organic cotton school uniforms: from £7.99
Nothing but fair trade, sustainable, 100% organic cotton goes into these smart trousers and shirts. Available in different styles for boys and girls, the organic cotton is softer on their skin, but tough enough for play times.
Why choose organic? The pesticides used to grow non-organic cotton are very harmful for the people who grow it. According to the World Health Foundation, pesticides kill 20,000 people from developing countries each year, many of whom work in the cotton industry. By choosing organic cotton, you'll know that your clothes have been made in accordance with fair trade and sustainable principles. (Source:

Lessons and homework

Write, sketch and draw - Eco friendly pens, pencils and crayons: from £1.39
You'd be amazed at what some of these eco pens and pencils started life as. Old games consoles, plastic cups, CD cases, crisp packets, carpet offcuts, all recycled and transformed into a great selection of pen and pencils, perfect in and out of the classroom. There's also a set of 10 colouring pencils made from FSC rated wood from a sustainable source. For the budding rock star, there's a set of sustainable drum stick pencils, just the thing for music lessons!
Why choose recycled? In the UK, we chuck 3 million tonnes of plastic every year, and most of it ends up in landfill sites. Choosing recycled plastic means less waste and less reliance on fossil fuels. (Source:

Do the math - Water Powered Calculators: from £7.75
No batteries, no waste. These calculators are powered by the amazing H2O battery, which simply need to be refilled with water around every two months to keep them running. All the components of the battery are recyclable, and when dry, the batteries can be stored indefinitely and still be operational.
Why choose water-powered batteries? Did you know that we only manage to recycle 5% of our household batteries. The rest end up in landfill where they leak harmful chemicals into the soil. Look for alternatives to batteries and use rechargeable batteries wherever possible. (Source:

Notes, thoughts and doodles - Recycled printer paper and notepads: from £1.99
These notepads are upfront and proud about their eco credentials. Each one of the "I used to be..." range tells you how it started life: juice cartons, car tyres and retail packaging have all been recycled into A6, A5 and A4 notepads, perfect for lessons or out and about. Eco friendly printer paper is a must for any home office, ours is made from 100% recycled household waste and is recommended by Greenpeace.
Why choose recycled paper? Discarded paper in landfill sites rots, producing methane, a green house gas, which contributes to climate change. Making new paper uses more energy than recycled, and can often come from unmanaged sources such as rainforest. Paper can actually be recycled several times, and even when it can't be turned into new paper, it can still be made into card. (Source:

Get organised - Eco Stapler: £4.99
Saves money and metal, and gives the planet and your pocket a break! The Eco Stapler doesn't actually use any staples, but uses a patented cutting action to clip and fold up to three pages together, so it's the last stapler you'll ever need to buy.
Why say no to staples? Although they are small, a lot of resources go into making staples. If every UK office worker saved just one staple a day, that would save 72 tonnes of metal. (Source:

Packed lunches

Ditch the plastic - 500ml Onya Stainless Steel Water Bottle: £9.99
Say goodbye to plastic bottles, get the kids to appreciate clean fresh water straight from the tap as the ultimate source of refreshment. Easier on the pocket too - tap water is a staggering 1000% cheaper than bottled mineral water. This neat refillable bottle is made from food grade stainless steel, and comes with a handy carabiner clip to attach to a bag or belt. A wide mouth makes it easy to clean, and it's safe in your dishwasher.
Why say no to bottled mineral water? Sticking to tap water in a reusable bottle will reduce your energy consumption as tap water doesn't need transporting. It's cheaper as mineral water is up to 10,000 times more expensive than tap. And often, mineral water is just tap water, with added minerals with no proven health benefits. (Source:

Cling no more - Fabric Sandwich Wrap N' Mat: £4.99
Free yourself from cling film, tin foil and sandwich bags with this re-usable, washable fabric sandwich wrapper. Secured with Velcro and available in a range of funky styles, the Wrap N' Mat keeps sarnies fresh, and unfolds into a handy serving mat.
Why avoid cling film? It's very hard to re-use and cannot be recycled, and it's equally difficult to recycle smaller plastic bags. (Source:

It's in the bag - Mini Bag Lunch Totes: £4.99
The modern take on the lunch pail, these cute totes are made in the Philippines by a women's cooperative from upcycled juice bags, saved from landfill and incineration to make these nifty little bags - just the right size for lunch!
Why choose upcycled? It's a great way of reducing waste, as upcycled products are generally made from items of rubbish which cannot be recycled. It's also a brilliant way to change our perceptions of waste. (Source:

Get fit, save energy, save money, reduce your carbon footprint: Completely free!
Get the blood pumping and the brain cells firing before the school day has started with an energising walk or cycle to school. Check out Tales of the Road for videos, games and information about getting the most out of getting out and about, whilst being safe and being seen. Your school may have a Walking Bus, but if they don't, it's easy to get one started yourself.

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