About Nigels Eco Store

Nigel's Eco Store was originally founded by Nigel in 2005 before moving to Yorkshire in 2015. We started very small but thanks to you our customers we've become the largest independent online eco retailer in the UK.

Nigel set up Nigel's Eco Store, because he wanted to do something positive, and make a difference. When he started, he used to pack the orders on his kitchen table and take them on the bus to the post office every day. Nigel's Eco Store has grown a lot since those early days, but we still continue to be inspired by clever eco products and innovative ideas every day. At Nigel's we are always on the lookout for new fun, functional and desirable items that solve environmental and energy saving challenges.

Nigel’s Eco Store is now the largest independent online eco retailer and averages around half a million visitors and two million page views a year, selling a range of innovative eco products, from adopt-a-beehive kit - where customers can buy shares in a beehive and receive freshly-produced honey from their share – to LED lighting. Other popular products include the rechargeable cork bottle light, which transforms empty drinks bottles into lamps, to bamboo socks and the waterpebble – a device which helps conserve water and money by telling you when it's time to get out of the shower.


What We Do at Nigel's Eco Store

• We offer practical, functional and beautiful eco friendly, natural and organic products that you can buy right now, at reasonable prices
• We make it easier for you to make eco choices
• We carefully select the products we offer from the best of what's available
• We give you ideas, information and inspiration to be more resourceful
• We help you make good buying decisions
• We make it easy to shop and buy environmentally friendly products

If you're looking to make your home and lifestyle as eco-friendly as possible, and you believe in supporting local and small scale independent business, then we are the ideal platform for you. We work really hard to be the largest independent eco product retailer and hope that you'll choose to buy from us again and again. 


Why Buy From Nigel's Eco Store

• Recommended products - our personally selected range of the best innovative and eco products available
• The best value - products that will save you money, at market leading prices
• A personal touch - you can ring, email or LiveChat with us and speak to someone who knows about the products we sell
• Help - we'll answer your questions, and offer advice where we can
• Listening - we take your feedback into account• A responsible business - we are not a faceless corporation, dodging taxes or underpaying our workers
• We support our eco friends - you can buy direct from other eco retailers on our marketplace

At Nigel's Eco Store we're doing our best to offer innovative, resourceful, eco solutions - to create a better world for ourselves and our children. We hope that Nigel's Eco Store will be your one-stop shop for all your eco gadgets and energy saving devices but most of all, we hope we help you to get inspired to be as good to our earth as you can be.

If you like what we're doing - please support us! Every purchase you make, no matter how small helps us in our mission to find the best eco products and to offer even better value. If you like us, please tell a friend. Feedback is also very welcome and if there's anything we haven't got, please tell us because if we think it's right for our store, we will try to get it. Recommend a product us to us here.



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